Monday, August 21, 2006

News Comments.

I note that channel 4 has not been fined over "sir" Elton John saying he changed his name because his old one made him sound like "a banker, or a w****r", well Mr John, judging by your behaviour in recent years, it is fairly obvious which one you are! even though you changed your name

Japan has suspended US long-grain imports which were found to have a genetically engineered variety in it. Good for them! The grain companies were probably trying to contaminate all the supplies so that they could say that "well, its too late to stop GM as it is already everywhere".

Stephen Byers has called for inheritance tax to be scrapped! About bloody time too! What is the point of saving, when you know that all that will happen is the government will snaffle a large percentage of it that you want to leave to your children to give them a good standard of living.

Friday, August 11, 2006

On recent events.

Well here we are again, with yet another "terror"? threat hanging over the UK.
That is IF you believe what you are fed by the media and politicians.
With this supposed threat, no-one has yet provided to the population, a shred of proof that it exists, and yet the Bank of England choose to release the names of SUSPECTED "terrorists" whose accounts it has frozen.
Now for those of you who believed that you were innocent until proven guilty, you can forget it! It is now patently the case that you are GUILTY, until you can prove your innocence. Even if you later prove your innocence, you will still be guilty by media.
The freedoms that others fought and died for in the past, no longer seem to exist.

There is, however, a good side to this, in that it may make people more thoughtful about the "need" to fly somewhere.
The more planes are on the ground, then the less pollution they will cause.
I hope that the cost of air travel will rise substantially to make up for the damage that they cause, though why airline fuel is not taxed is a question that should be addresssed in light of the fact that all other means of travel are taxed by fuel duty.

On a point of law, could someone confirm whether or not, the "US sky marshals" are allowed on British soil when they are armed, and if so, under what law?

Shifting to the other side of the world, what are the Israelis really trying to accomplish now that they have invaded Lebanon?
Whatever progress the country had made since the last war has now been destroyed, and even the Red Cross have to ask permission to travel otherwise their clearly marked vehicles will be attacked by air.
From a personal point of view, I now see them as no better than the people they are trying to exterminate, or murder, depending on your view. Israel has travelled down the road of itself becoming a "terrorist" state, ignoring all the usual protocols and UN resolutions simply because it wants to and has the backing of the US (and sadly, though it does not make a lot of difference to them, the UK).
If they were really after peace in the region, then they are going the wrong way about it. You would have thought that they would have learned from their past, but no, they choose to descend to the level of the people they are attempting to kill.
If the Arab world wants to make a difference in the situation, then there is a simple answer,
Turn off the oil for a couple of weeks and see what happens when the US and others start to run low, but be prepared to be labelled a "terrorist state" and invaded by the US, so that they can "export democracy", which is a fancy way of saying "steal your oil so that we can support our lavish lifestyle"