Monday, December 18, 2006

News snippets.

Well, it would appear that our dear parliament is considering heading down the road of agreeing to get the taxpayer to fund political parties.
Why the hell should we pay for them?
Like any other business, if they cannot get enough money from their supporters (customers), then they should close.
Why should we pay twice for the same thing?
For goodness sake, we already pay their salaries, pensions, expenses, trips etc; if their own parties cannot afford them then they should not continue!

It appears that Janet Alder is now going to sue the CPS for racial discrimination, in connection with the death of her brother whilst in police custody. One wonders if, with the length of time she has pursued this matter, the reasons behind it are becoming more about financial matters than finding out how her brother died.
Having read the IPCC report, although there were failings on most sides, including Mr Alders, it could be time that she accepts that no one person was to blame, and gets on with living, instead of playing a “race” card every time she does not agree with someone’s conclusions.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Oh the joys of political correctness!

Several small bits of news seem to imply that the UK has really lost the plot of what it wants to be.
Some MPs' are asking for a 66% rise in salary, are they on the same planet as the rest of us? With a basic salary of £60,000, and an average expenses take of £131,000, just what do they do with the money and what value are we getting from them?
They also have the stupidity to ask why people are no longer interested in politics? maybe its because most people realise that the majority of politicians only give a damn about themselves first, their party second, and the people who employ them a very distant last! After the spin, lies and arrogance they have often displayed is it any wonder that people have got disillusioned with them?
Bare in mind that they also get a pension that is gold plated and guaranteed by you the taxpayer!

It would appear that Craven district council are also on the health and safety lunacy bandwagon with their demand that a local village community christmas party has to complete a risk assessment of their mince pies, and Santa may need a Criminal Records Bureau check.

Oh goody, we have another animal rights party! Yet one more group that wants to tell us all what to do and how to run our lives with regard to animals. Oh for goodness sake! Feel free to put your point of view with regard to animal welfare, but if you intend to tell me how to run my life and care for my animals, or if you want to try and force me to become a vegetarian then as far as I am concerned you can bugger off back to your own life and leave me alone! If you spent more time trying to persuade people, and less trying to force them to do things you may get more respect. And the sooner we get rid of the hunting ban, the better!

More controversy to follow soon!