Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Little languages & DEFRA

"The chair of the Welsh Language Board says immigration into Welsh-speaking areas is the biggest threat to the language. "
The above, and the decision of the Highland Council to refer to the Isle of Skye by its Gaelic title - Eilean a'Cheo, made me wonder;
Is there any point to these minor languages?
I have no problem with people speaking them if they wish, but should the tax revenue really be spent in supporting, and actively promoting, what are in effect forms of speech that are dying out, or is it really just a form of elitism (Sectarianism)?

Around the world, in the developed nations most people would know, and with a map, may even be able to find the "Isle of Skye", but to find "Eilean a'Cheo"?
The council have issued a statement to the effect that "it is only a change to the electoral division", but how long will it be before they decide to change it in total?
Surely they can find a better use both of their time and the taxpayers money, than discussing such a sectarian change?

On another topic, why have we heard no more about the H5N1 outbreak at the Bernard Matthews plant? and why has he not been prosecuted for a serious failure of bio security?
What makes it all the more galling are the recent reports that he will actually be paid compensation for the slaughter of his birds, correct me if I am wrong, but I think that there are still people waiting to be paid from the FMD outbreak in 2001.
Did DEFRA make another in a long line of cock-ups?
Have a look at;
for more information.

And for yet another DEATHRA trampling aproach,