Sunday, March 25, 2007

The slave trade

The Archbishop of York has called on Britain to make a formal apology for the slave trade.

Why ???

Why should the people alive today apologise for what people did up to 200 years ago.
I will not apologise for the slave trade, the holocaust nor the crimean war!
If you dont like that, hard luck.

Oh sorry, I forgot, we also need to make "reparations"!
Now I see, its about the money, why am I not surprised!

Friday, March 23, 2007


If Britain is so opposed to the regime in Zimbabwe, and wants to change it,
why do we still import goods from the country?

Brown V Mandelson

According to a BBC report, Peter (slimy) Mandelson has stated that he can't be fired by Gordon Brown if he becomes the new leader.
What a shame, its what he deserves.
Still, as can be proved by looking in any sewer,
Shit floats!

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Well, old Elton is at it again,
He is quoted as saying;
"shout back" against homophobic abuse, "whether the bigot is in our local pub or a thousand miles away".
"We should all stand up and speak out for basic human rights,"

He displays remarkable hypocrisy due to the fact that he has also stated that he would like to see organised religion banned!
So its ok for him to want to remove someone elses "human rights" as long as long as his "rights" are respected?
What a load of garbage!
How I wish this plonker would fade back into the obscurity he deserves!