Wednesday, August 29, 2007

"The Scottish Farmer" article on vaccination

To quote:
"According to English vet, Stephen Lomax, the government was poised to begin vaccinations if there had been just one more confirmed case.
“If that had happened, the damage to the livestock industry would have been immense,” said Mr Lomax, (technical adviser to the Association of Independent Meat Suppliers).
“With the outbreak apparently controlled, people are consigning all this to the past — but I don’t want to do that till we have highlighted the weakness of vaccination policy.”
"But the policy took no account of the long-term implications for UK farmers."

So what he is actually saying appears to condense to the following,
I do not want vaccination because that damages the profits from the industry.

I find it amazing that a vet, who has sworn the oath regarding animal welfare, appears to be more concerned with profit, than what is best for the animals entrusted to his care.

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