Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Unbelievable arrogance

In a report in the "Telegraph" newspaper, it is reported that two farmers may be prosecuted for failing to spot signs of Foot & Mouth in their herd.
The incredible arrogance of DEATHRA and trading standards is really unbelievable. Defra are wholly responsible for animal disease control (at their insistance!).
Defra are totally responsible for the current outbreak, as it came from their labs. The real reason for not tracing the actual exact leak/escape point/deliberate infection, would appear to many to be purely so as to avoid any counter action by the people affected.
And then, even though DEFRA caused the problem, they attempt to deflect criticism by blaming the local farmers, how inept can you get?
Also bear in mind that (as the financial times states):
"Animal health experts inspected a farm in the second Surrey foot-and-mouth zone three times before discovering traces of the disease, although livestock had been suffering from symptoms for more than 10 days, it emerged on Wednesday."
As stated on the ProMed (International Society For Infectious Diseases website):
"Beef cattle may manifest minimal clinical symptoms, probably detectable by the professional eye but not by laymen and from distance. - Mod.AS"

(This approach seems to be typical of modern politicians, its called the "someone elses fault" syndrome, and appears whenever they have made an error. Not one recent politician has taken responsibility for their errors.)

And will the media PLEASE get someone other than the ill informed Hugh Pennington to spout the party line? How about getting someone who actually knows about virology, and is up to date with the latest testing techniques, rather than the outdated ones that DEFRA are reported to be using?

Finally, what happened to vaccination? back in August it was reported that if there was one more case then vaccination would begin. The way it looks at the moment, DEFRA probably would not know where to put the needle! I could give them a few suggestions !!!

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